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State Street Businesses Welcome Jacksonians at Open House

TeamJXN and Downtown Business Association Organize Event to Showcase Local Business


TeamJXN and the Downtown Business Association organized the first-ever State Street Open House event last Wednesday, February 10. The event featured downtown restaurants and businesses and offered an opportunity for over 100 Jacksonians to explore the city in a different way. 


Beginning at 5:30 p.m., restaurants One Block East and Jaco's Taco's participated in the event by opening their space to the after-hours crowd. After dinner and drinks, guests visited visit Thimblepress, a loyal State Street business who recently expanded their operation, and Coelesce, a new cooperative work environment space that has generated a lot of excitement lately. Both businesses had dozens of excited locals touring their facilities throughout the evening. "We are thrilled that our first State Street Open House was this successful," said David Lewis, TeamJXN board member. "We couldn't have asked for a better turnout."


For more information on how you can host guests at the next State Street Open House event, email us at